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On this page I’ve written a little bit about each treatment I offer to give you an insight into what you can expect, helping you make the right choice.

Express Manicure/Pedicure

This is a quick fix for someone who needs a spruce up but doesn’t have a lot of time for all the lotions and potions used in a Luxury Spa manicure.

Whilst you choose your colour coat, I tidy the cuticles if needed and file the free edge to your desired shape. Apply two coats of CND Vinylux colour and finish with top coat. In 20mins you’re ready to go!

Luxury Almond Spa Manicure

Are you someone who likes a really good pamper? If so, this treatment is for you. Using CND’s Almond Spa system, this luxury treatment includes lotions and potions to soothe and relax your mind and hands, right up to your elbows.

A simple file and shape of your natural nail to a shape of your choice begins the manicure, followed by the Almond Spa system. Starting with a Hydrating Almond Milk bath you will immediately feel relaxed as the sweet almond oil fills the room and sooths your nails and skin.

To really stimulate the senses and relieve stress and tension, I use CND’s Almond Scrub for the beginning of your massage. Massaging all the joints in the hands and fingers, this scrub gently exfoliates the skin and nail plate leaving your skin soft and rejuvenated ready for a relaxing massage with some cooling soothing cream.

Totally relaxed? Thought so….then to liven you up by applying the CND colour of your choice. A drop of hydrating Solar Oil is applied to all your cuticles to finish of the Manicure. This is 1hr service

Luxury Champagne Manicure

If you are a girl who likes the ultimate pamper, then why not upgrade your Spa manicure to a Luxury Champagne Manicure?

Whilst you relax and unwind having your hands spoilt, you could be sipping a glass of chilled champagne to finish the service with a real touch of luxury.

Bring a friend for a natter and added company! (remember, if you’re are having a tipple, think about your transport). Look out for my Special Friends packages.

In the summer months, The Nail Barn has outside seating which is lovely when the weather is warmer, the doors to the Salon will be open letting in the warm air and rays! If you would prefer a Champagne Pedicure, please let me know upon booking, and I can sort this for you too. This is a 1hr  service.

Swarovski Crystal Pedicure

If you need some extra sparkle in your life which any amount of polish can’t give you, then you need your toes adorned in Swarovski crystals! The most sparkly crystals on the market.

Depending on how “bling” you want your pedicure, you can have all ten toe nails covered in crystals, or for an accent bling to pimp up any Gelish, you can just have your big toe done in crystals with the rest polished in a colour of your choice.

Service time 1.15mins -2hrs

14-21 day manicure Gelish

Gel polish is for someone who loves to have perfectly manicured nails for longer than a few days, which is what a standard polish can only offer. Ideal for holidays, honeymoons, business trips or just to spoil yourself and keep your nails looking tip top day in, day out!

Gelish is a pure gel polish which applies like polish, but is dry instantly after 30 seconds in a top of the range LED lamp. It is designed to offer a flawless, bright and perfect polish finish which can last up to two weeks if kept well.

It is not designed for strength, however having gel properties in the polish, it does offer a tiny bit of strength to the natural nail. If you’re looking for strength and colour, I can achieve this also by adding a thin layer of Structure Gel to the nail before the colour is applied. Gel polishes can also be applied over Acrylic or Gel enhancements.

I have around 100 colours of gel polish available, however by using glitters and layering colours, I can achieve many more if you can’t find your perfect match!

Express Gelish

Whilst you choose your colour coat, I work on your cuticles to ensure the nail plate is perfectly clean and primed. I file the free edge to your desired shape and begin the application of base coat, two coats of colour and finish with top coat. All coats of gel polish are cured in the LED lamp and are dry instantly! In 30mins you’re ready to go and be back in 2-3 weeks for a removal or re-application! This service is quite addictive….

Gel Polish Removal

When Gelish is applied and removed properly, these treatments leave the natural nail in tip top condition with no thinning of your natural nail whatsoever.

Gelish is removed by buffing the shine away and wrapping each nail in a remover-soaked pad and foil. Removal takes 10mins and is a 20mins service in total. Removal and reapplication of another colour is a 45mins service.

I would advise not to remove at home and always come back to the salon to avoid damaging your nails.

Acrylic Enhancements

Acrylic sometimes gets bad press for damaging the natural nail and weakening them. This is utter rubbish. If acrylic is applied and removed correctly, the natural nail is undamaged and no weaker than when you had the enhancements applied.

As with any hard coating you apply to something, when it is removed, what’s left will naturally feel weaker as it is no longer supported by the hard coating. It is in fact, no weaker at all – not unless the nail plate has been filed away (which shouldn’t happen). After removal, the natural nail will feel more flexible for a few minuets due to being soaked in a liquid for an amount of time. Once the nail has returned to it’s natural state after a few minuets of being removed from the acetone, it will return back to normal.

Heavy filing or using an electric file on the natural nail can cause thinning of the natural nail. In my opinion an electric file should not be used on the natural nail as it can be too abrasive and in the wrong hands, very damaging. In some salons nail technicians are filing/buffing the natural nail plate VERY thin to ensure their product sticks to the nail adequately. With modern technology and using the very best brands in the industry, this doesn’t need to happen to ensure an acrylic enhancement stays put. If your nail technician is filing away your nail plate layers with harsh filing, please continue with the service with caution or leave!

If you have been to a salon where your natural nails have been filed away, they may be painful, tender and very very delicate. This is NOT how acrylic should be applied, and is not the way me or my products work.

I work with one of the best brands in the industry, NSI for my acrylic products. A light buffing of the natural nail removes shine, not layers of nail which leaves a good surface for acrylic to adhere to.

Acrylic Application

I do not use tips and only sculpt a set of acrylic nails. This is an advanced technique and gives a much stronger and natural looking nail. Approx 1hr 15mins

Gelish can be added on top of an acrylic enhancement to give them a shiny colour coating which will stay perfect until your infill appointment.

I also have a variety of coloured acrylic/pigments and glitters for something a little different.

For a French finish which will be French for as long as you keep the enhancements on, I use a pink and white combination of acrylic to create this look. 1hr 30mins service time.

Acrylic Removal:

When removing your acrylic extensions, this is done in the gentlest way to avoid damage to the natural nail. I remove colour and take the enhancement down thin then wrap each nail in foil and cotton wool soaked in acetone. After the last one is wrapped I go back tot he first and gently buff away the melted acrylic and re-wrap until it’s all off.

If you would like your natural nails leaving bare, have a new set applied, or even a gel polish applied, your natural nails will then be prepped again for application or buffed to a lovely healthy glow. Standard removal without reapplication is approx. 40mins service time.

Luxury Marine Spa Pedicure

If your feet are tired and need an overhaul then this treatment is for you. Using a combination of sea serums, scrubs, oils and lotions, the Marine Spa Pedicure will exfoliate, relax, soothe, re hydrate and bring your feet back to life.

After an initial soak with sea salt, I will begin cuticle work and tidy up the toe nails ready for a colour of your choice at the end.  

To slough away dead skin from your feet, ankles and right up to your knees I use a Marine Salt Scrub which is very invigorating and stimulates all the senses. This is a mild scrub used on healthy soft skin, so after the scrub I will use an additional Sea Serum on the hard, yellow skin and calluses under the feet, and wrap them for a few minutes to soften the skin ready for the rasp! My foot rasp is a wondrous tool which along with the Sea Serum, will transform your feet back to healthy, soft tootsies! Please note that in the instance of significant hard skin, a couple of pedicures will be recommended to achieve optimum results as the Rasp and Serum are to be used sparingly at one time to avoid discomfort.

The Marine Cooling Masque gives a cooling sensation when smoothed over the skin. Your feet will once again be wrapped in towels and left for a few minutes to feel the benefit of the Masque.

I then use a silky hydrating oil to relax you into a massage of your legs, feet and toes, smoothing the stresses away. For the finishing touch your toes will either be buffed to a natural shine, or have the colour of your choice applied. This service time is approx 1hr 15mins (to see an example of before and after a Marine Spa Pedicure, please take a look in the Gallery)